Signing a cooperation contract or a joint-venture agreement is not only the conclusion of a negotiation, it is the beginning of a business relationship: a contract is only a frame, but it is not a guarantee for success. That is especially true in China. The gaps in business culture and practice between western companies and Chinese / Asian entrepreneurs have been widening in the recent years. From market scoping and partner selection, acquisition process, to post-merger integration, long term relationships building, effective Boards of Directors, compliance & governance issues, partnerships management requires experience and focus.

Tell us about your objectives and the challenges. We can assist you in managing your partnerships in Asia.


  • Managing Partnerships, Post-Merger Integration
  • Board of Directors, Shareholder value, compliance, financial performance, business turnaround

Industry Experience:

  • Home Automation / Smart Homes & Smart Buildings
  • Lighting / Building Industry / Project Business for residential & commercial buildings
  • Automotive