Profitable growth is hardly a smooth, steady path. Even after a period of strong performance, most companies and businesses face challenges, sometimes crises, because of external changes in the competitive environment, because of complacency or other internal issues. It is then crucial to go quickly through a cycle of shared awareness of the issues and threats, definition of the appropriate strategies and finally implementation and business turnaround. Transition management is especially helpful during that cycle. An experienced transition manager, who already went through similar situations, will bring an objective, non-biased point of view and will not be bound by the past. He is therefore more likely to lead the organization successfully and quickly through the necessary transformation.

Tell us about your objectives and the challenges. We can support you to achieve a successful transition.


  • Builds strong, effective teams in multi-cultural environments
  • Drives performance, develops sound strategies, prepares organizations for the future
  • Channels & Business development, Distribution / Pricing / Multi-brand strategies

Industry Experience:

  • Home Automation / Smart Homes & Smart Buildings
  • Lighting / Building Industry / Project Business for residential & commercial buildings
  • Automotive