Anticipating disruptions, transforming businesses & organizations

Industry evolutions are no longer slow and predictable. Information technologies enable faster changes in most markets: new entrants propose totally new business models, challenging established companies with fundamentally different cost structures, distribution channels, supply chain The competitive landscape can also suddenly change when existing players – sometimes customers, suppliers or even partners – modify their positioning in the value chain, in a defensive or preemptive move. Today’s business leaders must be obsessed with the risks and opportunities of disruptions in their current “sandbox”.

Tell us about your objectives and the threats you are facing. We can help you develop your strategy and shape your organization.


  • Builds strong, effective teams in multi-cultural environments
  • Drives performance, develops sound strategies, prepares organizations for the future
  • Channels & Business development, Distribution / Pricing / Multi-brand strategies

Industry Experience:

  • Home Automation / Smart Homes & Smart Buildings
  • Lighting / Building Industry / Project Business for residential & commercial buildings
  • Automotive